Our Ethos

Our Vision

To provide holistic education that seeks to realize every student’s potential and enriches the community around it.

Our Mission

To make education relevant, meaningful and interesting so that our students are ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global environment.

Our Values

"Integrity… Commitment… Passion… Seamlessness… Speed…"

Our Philosophy

The Aditya Birla Public School believes that school must be a vibrant centre of learning. Which is why education is not limited to academic excellence but also extends to life enriching fields like art, craft, design, music, dance, drama and sports.

We believe that students learn best under an atmosphere that is open, caring and conducive to learning. Collaboration between students, parents, teachers and management can together build communities, strengthen educational opportunities and develop strong value systems.

Our Motto is

"That which liberates is Knowledge."

Code of Conduct

All staff members and students of the Aditya Birla School are expected to conduct themselves with integrity in their public and private lives. They will lead by example. They will attend to their duties with care and commitment, be punctual in attendance, be dignified in their behaviour and will fulfill the responsibilities given to them by the school authorities. They will abide by the rules and regulations of the school and be a role model for the community.

Child Safety Policy

We ensure that our Child Safety policy is followed. At school, children need a safe, secure and comfortable environment to learn to the best of their capability. This means they should feel safe enough to effectively interact with their teachers and classmates. Safety at The Aditya Birla Public school is top priority.