Message from Principal

Nirupma Kapoor

The beauty and harmony of the universe enchants me! I watch with wonder the uniqueness of each creation and learn…

It has been my good fortune to be taught by great teachers; my parents, my grandparents, my teachers in various schools, my professors at Miranda House, my mentors and project guides at IIT, Kanpur and my inspirational leaders at Wharton. I am deeply grateful to all of them. My work is my play! I love what I do. My mind, body and spirit move in exquisite harmony.

I have been blessed to have very good people around me; my seniors, my educators, my students. I love the smiles, the sharing, the joy, the ingenuity, the diligence, the cooperation and the intense focus of all my people!

Hence the awards: Chairman's Scholarships for eight students, invitation from TERI to share our 'Environment Practices'; Wipro earthain award 2012; SCERT included our 'Good School Management Practices' in its National Documentation; Chairman's award for 'Exceptional Performance in Class XII CBSE 2012'; Chairman's Individual Award - Exceptional Contributor 2013;our school's work in the field of environment was showcased at the International Conference on 'Education as a Driver for Sustainable Development Goals' at CEE Ahmadabad, in cooperation with UNESCO, UNEP and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India, 11-13 January, 2016.

I am thankful for the opportunities to share my knowledge with various organisations and Educational Boards.

Every day brings such splendour! All life so delicately poised! Let us celebrate all creation every day!

“May there be abundance, grace and bliss!”